Contest Descriptions and Study Material

Microsoft Excel (Office 2013):

In the Microsoft Excel contest, students will prove their skills with creating Excel spreadsheets, graphs, equations and more! They will need to brush up on skills such as these:

  • What-If Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Table creation and manipulation
  • Chart creation and manipulation
  • Cell Referencing


UIL Computer Applications

Microsoft Computer Applications UIL Practice Test

Fall 2014 Excel Competition:

Problem Statement

Excel Starter File

Excel Data

Final Document

Microsoft Access (Office 2013):

In the Microsoft Access contest students will need to be able to create a database using Access, create a form, report and how to troubleshoot/ manage queries.


Microsoft Computer Applications UIL

Microsoft Computer Applications UIL Practice Test

Fall 2014 Access Competition:

Problem Statement

PC Troubleshooting:

In the PC Troubleshooting contest students will answer questions similar to A+ testing as well as common issues regarding these Operating Systems:

Windows 10,7, XP, and Vista:

  • Control Panel
  • Managing and troubleshooting User Account Control
  • Managing and troubleshooting Boot Time issues


Tech Republic- Control Panel Settings

Microsoft TechNet- User Access Control

Microsoft TechNet- General Windows


  • System Preferences
  • Ethernet and Airport Configuration
  • File System Layout and file types
  • Managing and troubleshooting BootCamp


Apple- System preferences

Apple- BootCamp

Apple- Finder


  • Managing and troubleshooting GRUB
  • Managing and troubleshooting network connections


Ubuntu- Grub

Ubuntu- General


  • Motherboard components corresponding to Intel and AMD marketing terms.
  • Managing and troubleshooting Peripheral device connections
  • Managing and troubleshooting Power On and POST


Computer Hope- POST

Wiki- CPU Socket

Fall 2014 PCT Contest:

Written Test

Practical Problem Statement


In the Java contest students will need to exemplify their basic understanding of java. They will need to be able to code:

  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Computations
  • Write to a file


Java Nuts and Bolts Tutorial

Coding Bat-JAVA 

Fall 2013 Java Contest:

Java Problem Statement


Students will need the ability to brainstorm all possible procedures, policies, and counter-measurements to ensure a secure site. Considerations are physical environment, hardware, software and data communications.

  • Problem solving a security issue with a bank program
  • Skill in developing a countermeasure to resolve the security issue of the bank program
  • Skills concerning programming or writing a program will NOT be needed

Fall 2014 Security Contest:

Security Test


(not all problem statements listed have starter files. The previous contest content posted on this site are merely for example purposes only.)