Texas State AITP IT Symposium Past Event History


2017 Texas State AITP IT Symposium Winners:

Computer Security

1st)  Jospeh Dandridge (Grandbury MCJROTC)

2nd) Michael Garica (SouthWest HS)

3rd) Matthew Martinez (Southwest HS)


1st) Zebulon McCorkle (Brenham HS)

2nd) Benjamin Pham (Hendrickson HS)

3rd) Jonah Salem (Pflugerville HS)

HM) Steven Mendiola (Pflugerville HS)


1st) Manuel Pienado (United South HS)

2nd) Clare Hardwood- (Montgomery HS)

PC Troubleshooting

1st) Devin Dunn (Southwest HS)

2nd) Allison Maddox (Southwest HS)

3rd) Samual Vinton (Southwest HS)


1st) Jennifer Rodriguez (United South HS)

2nd) Clare Hardwood (Montgomery HS)

3rd) Alan Hernandez (United South HS)

HM) Manuel Peinado (United South HS)

HM) Natalie Wagner (Montgomery HS)

HM = Honorable Mention

Here is the list of the 2016 IT Symposium winners:

Microsoft Excel Contest:
1st Place – Manuel Peinado, United South HS

2nd Place – Natalie Wagner, Montgomery HS

3rd Place – Clare Harwood, Montgomery HS

Microsoft Access Contest:
1st Place – Manuel Peinado, United South HS

2nd Place – Clare Harwood, Montgomery HS

3rd Place – Natalie Wagner, Montgomery HS

Honorable Mention – Marisa Martinez, Santa Gertrudis Academy

Honorable Mention – Marshal Wagner, Brenham HS

PC Troubleshooting Contest:

1st Place – Alexander De Jesus, Robert Turner College and Career HS

2nd Place –Kevin Kuriachan, Robert Turner College and Career HS

3rd Place – Taylor Petty, Robert Turner College and Career HS

Honorable Mention – Ian Kennard, Robert Turner College and Career HS

Security Contest:
1st Place – Aaron Dowell, Grandbury MCJROTC

2nd Place – Chase Taylor, Brenham-Homeschool

3rd Place – Joseph Dandridge, Grandbury MCJROTC

Java Contest:
1st Place – Zebulon McCorkle, Brenham HS

2nd Place – Shane Anders, Hendrickson HS

3rd Place – James Cooley, Pflugerville HS

Honorable Mention – Matthew Hindmarsh, Humble ISD CATE Center

2015: 500 Attendees!

Access Competition:

1st Place  Jeremiah Castro-  Santa Gertrudis Acedemy

2nd Place  William Houf-  Santa Gertrudis Academy

3rd Place  Damaria Garza-  Santa Gertrudis Academy

Excel Contest:

1st Place  Daisey Jaramillo-  Brenham HS

2nd Place  Landon Kruse- Brenham HS

3rd Place  Sarah Perkins- Brenham

Java Contest:

1st Place- Andrew Trostle -Brenham HS

2nd Place- Jaqueline Deans -Brenham HS

3rd Place- Jordan Bailey -Dubiski HS

Honorable Mention- Corey Smith -Cypress Creek HS

PC Troubleshooting Contest:

1st Place-  Jordan Rodecap- Robert Turner HS

2nd Place-  Joshua Williams- Robert Turner HS

3rd Place-  Lillian Mahoney- Robert Turner HS

Security Contest:

1st Place- Reagan Varela- Robert Turner HS

2nd Place- Andrew Mills- Hendrickson HS

3rd Place- Jacob Pagano- Hendrickson HS

2014: 505 Attendees!

Access Competition Results

1st Place: Raquel Gonzales – (Argyle High School)

2nd Place: Michelle Navarro – (McArthur High School)

3rd Place: Sofia Shubert – (Argyle High School)

Honourable Mention: Ricky Morawski – (Argyle High School)

Excel Contest Results

1st Place: Michelle Navarro – (McArthur High School)

2nd Place: Chole Arana – (Lehman High School)

3rd Place: Marc Barton – (Argyle High School)

Java Competition Results

1st Place: Enoc Balderas – (Jersey Village High School)

2nd Place: Jacqui Deans – (Brenham High School)

3rd Place: Zack Taylor – (Brenham HS)

Honourable Mention: Eddie Castillo – (Hays High School)

PC Troubleshooting

1st Place: Luke Dalfonso – (Hendrickson High School)

2nd Place: Jacob Ary – (Humble CATE Center)

3rd Place: David Lyon – (Humble CATE Center)

Security Finals

1st Place: Jae Lee – (Hays High School)

2nd Place: Mark Ramirez – (Hays High School)

3rd Place: Edward Voyce – (Wagner High School)

2013: A record of 520 attendees!

Presenting Sponsors: Security Service Federal Credit Union & Intellica

Contest Sponsors: Samsung & USAA

Bag Sponsor: McCoy’s Building Supply


1st Place: Tommy Stanley – (San Marcos High School)

2nd Place: Ben Chi – (Santa Gertrudis Academy)

3rd Place: Elise Miller – (Robert G. Cole High School)

Honorable Mention: Eugene Umlor – (Robert G. Cole High School)

Honorable Mention: Lino Virgen – (Hidalgo High School)

PC Troubleshooting

1st Place: RJ Stanford – (Brenham High School)

2nd Place: Alexander Rios – (ITSA-San Antonio)

3rd Place: Kreston Joyner (ITSA-CTTC)

Finalists: Martin Devorah-Robles – (San Marcos High School)

Finalists: Sean Johnson – (ITSA-CTTC)

Finalists: Matthew Garcia – (Santa Gertrudis Academy)


1st Place: Nikki Coke – (Argyle High School)

2nd Place: Hayden Little – (Argyle High School)

3rd Place: Linnea Browning- (A&M Consolidated High School)

Honorable Mention: Caitlin George – (Argyle High School)

Honorable Mention: Hannah Neece – (Argyle High School)


1st Place: Nicholas Meredith – (ITSA-San Antonio)

2nd Place: Kreston Joyner – (ITSA-CTTC)

3rd Place: Sean Johnson – (ITSA-CTTC)

Honorable Mention: Eusebio Mata – (ITSA-San Antonio)

Honorable Mention: Antonio Paredes – (ITSA-San Antonio)

Finalist: Elizabeth Jones – (ITSA-San Antonio)

Finalist: Alexander Rios – (ITSA-San Antonio)


First Place: Hayden Little – (Argyle High School)

Second Place: Sofia Sherbert – (Argyle High School)

Third Place: Hannah Neece – (Argyle High School)

Honorable Mention: Jessica Fischer – (Argyle High School)

Honorable Mention: Nikki Coke – (Argyle High School)

Several students also won some awesome door prizes!

Vizio TV – Francisco Urquizo – (Texas City High School)

Galaxy Tablet – Leah Pemberton – (Cypress Creek High School)

$50 Amazon Gift Card – Antonio Paredes – (ITSA-San Antonio)

$50 Shell Gas Gift Card – Cody Martin – (Texas City High School)

$30 Subway Gift Card – My Nguyen – (Hendrickson High School)

$25 P.F.Chang’s Gift Card – Ailise Collins – (Texas City High School)

$30 AMC Theaters Gift Card – Dustin Johnson – (Texas City High School)

$25 Chillis/Mac. Grill/OTB Card – Shayan Saed – (Jersey Village High School)

$25 Chillis/Mac. Grill/OTB Card – Sara Serrano – (Cypress Springs High School)

$25 Outback Steakhouse Card – Brandon Ramirez – (A&M Consolidated High School)

2012: 275 Attendees!

Presenting Sponsors:

Security Service Federal Credit Union

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Contest Sponsors



Bag Sponsors

McCoy’s Building Supply


1st Place: Garrett Greenwood – (Boerne Champion High School)

2nd Place: Alex Johnston – (Boerne Champion High School)

3rd Place: Jacob Brown – (The John Cooper School)

PC Support

1st Place: Logan Jennings – (ITSA-San Antonio)

2nd Place: Kenny Graves – (ITSA-New Braunfels)

3rd Place: Ruben Perales (ITSA-San Antonio)

Finalists: Chris Doege – (ITSA-New Braunfels)

Finalists: Edgar Garnica – (ITSA-San Antonio)

Finalists: Julian Harris (ITSA-San Antonio)


1st Place: Amy Dietrich – (Needville High School)

2nd Place: Kayla Mikel – (Needville High School)

3rd Place: Christian Aleman- (Lehman High School)

Honorable Mention: Angela Mitchum – (Lehman High School)


1st Place: Maggie Schmeltekopf (ITSA-New Braunfels) & Julian Harris (ITSA-San Antonio)

2nd Place: Melissa Barranza (ITSA San Antonio)

3rd Place: Cory Lockhart-Nichols (ITSA-New Braunfels)

Finalist: Antonio Paredes (ITSA-San Antonio)

Finalist: Zachary Guney (ITSA-San Antonio)


1st Place: Kayla Mikel – (Needville)

2nd Place: Amy Dietrich – (Needville)

3rd Place: Brooke Martinka – (Axtell)

2011 Winners

PC Support

1st Place: Kenny Graves – Information Technology and Security Academy

2nd Place: Carlos Tapia – Pflugerville ISD

3rd Place: Benjamin Machala – Elgin High School

Honorable Mention: Justin Barbosa – Holmes High School

Honorable Mention: Kyle Williams – Information Technology and Security Academy


1st Place: Ronald Kinard  Hutto High School

2nd Place: Max Grant  The John Cooper School

3rd Place: Branden Monroe  Lehman High School


1st Place: Arthur Tello – Lehman High School

2nd Place: Desiree Montana – Lehman High School

3rd Place: Yarali Munos – Lehman High School


1st Place: Arthur Tello – Lehman High School

2nd Place: Desiree Montana – Lehman High School

3rd Place: Yarali Munos – Lehman High School


1st Place: Jonathan Luna – Information Technology & Security Academy

2nd Place: Aamer Rakla – The John Cooper School

3rd Place: Bridgette Findley – Information Technology & Security Academy

2010 Winners

PC Troubleshooting

1st Place Dylan Samano (Holmes High School)

2nd Place Jacob Molina (Holmes High School)

3rd Place Ton Thong (Connally High School)

Honorable Mention Victor Vasquez (Connally High School)

Honorable Mention Jesus Aparicio (Holmes High School)


1st Place Farah Patel (The John Cooper School)

2nd Place Xavier Thierry (The John Cooper School)

3rd Place Aamer Rakla (The John Cooper School)

Honorable Mention Ron Kinard (Hutto High School)

Honorable Mention Lance Colton (Hutto High School)

Office 2007

1st Place Audrey Underwood (Needville High School)

2009 Winners

PC Troubleshooting

1st Place Brennon Ledet (Hendrickson High School)

2nd Place Dylan Samano (Holmes High School)

3rd Place Adrian Gonzalez (Holmes High School)

Honorable Mention Samuel Fray (Byron Steele High School)

Honorable Mention Lamson Nguyen (Hendrickson High School)


1st Place Donald Schiwitz (Lehman High School)

2nd Place Samantha Williamson (Lehman High School)

3rd Place Arthur Tambur (Lehman High School)

Office 2007 Applications

1st Place Brittany Tremmel (Byron Steele High School)

2nd Place Kelsie Aulds (Byron Steele High School)

3rd Place Elizabeth Sturgill (Byron Steele High School)