Career Fairs & Tech workshop

Geek Week was a big success, and with that behind us we have Career Fairs & more to look forward to!

CISQM Student Information Session, Thurs. 9/12 5-6:30pm at the McCoy 4th floor atrium. Current & alumni students will discuss the many club organizations & challenges of job hunting.

AITP will have our first tech workshop Tues. 9/17 5-6:00pm at McCoy 336. Our guest USAA will lead the workshop about version control using Github.

Brush up your resumes in preparation for the:
All Majors Career Fair 12-4:00pm at the LBJ Ballroom on Wed 9/18 & Thurs 9/19.
and STEM Career Fair the following week, Tues 9/24. 12-4:00pm at the LBJ Ballroom.

Fall 2019 Geek Week, a great start to the new semester!

Hope you all had a great summer, fun, productive, or otherwise. My name is Chris, I am the new VP of IT, and I’ll be handling AITP blog posts this Fall semester.

We have a lot coming up right away with Geek Week 2019.
Our first chapter meeting starts it off. Tuesday, September 3rd 5:00pm – 6:00pm at LBJ LBJ 3-5.1
We are happy to announce that our first keynote speakers will be from Google!
We don’t quite know what Google will be speaking about, but if its anything like their presentation last Spring its sure to be insightful, and fun.


Following that Wednesday, September 4th 5:00pm – 6:00pm at LBJ 3-10.1 we have Bruce Howard discussing “Building effective resumes”.
For anyone who has not had the honor of meeting Bruce yet, he’s a wealth of knowledge and expertise in business and leadership. He serves as Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator for Texas State University.
His presentations are tremendously informative.


Finally Thursday, September 5th 5:00pm – 6:00pmat LBJ 3-5.1 AITP will be having a club gathering to meeting fellow members. Our officers will share tips & tricks to surviving at the McCoy college, talk about club involvement & volunteer opportunities and preparations for National competitions in Spring 2020.
With a social event to follow, 6:30pm – ??? at the SPOT for mirth and merriment it’ll be a great way to kick off a new semester.

Save the Dates!

Rush AITP!

  • Geek Week will be kicked off with our first chapter meeting of the Fall 2019 semester, we are expecting keynote speakers from Google!
    • 9/3 Geek Week Day 1: September chapter meeting – Google
    • 9/4 Geek Week Day 2: Soft skills and resume tips with Bruce Howard
    • 9/5 Geek Week Day 3: Preparing for and getting involved with AITP!

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IT Symposium

Texas State will be hosting our 13th annual IT Symposium in October!

Dates are highly tentative at the moment, but October 25th is what we are currently shooting for. Follow our News Blog for updates on events and scheduling.

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Signing Off!

Congratulations to graduating seniors and good luck to everyone in your endeavors over this coming summer.

We look forward to seeing the rest of you next semester!

  • Officer applications for the fall semester have closed, congratulations to those that received an officer position for Fall 2019! New officers will be announced at the first chapter meeting next fall.
  • Graduating seniors, who have paid dues, will receive AITP cords. Contact our current VP of Membership, Luke (, about receiving your cords before the ceremony.

Officer Positions for Fall 2019 are Open for Application!!

Do you want to be an officer?

Click here to check out the benefits of being an officer, or click here to read the responsibilities of an AITP officer and download the application form to apply right away! It doesn’t cost any extra to become an officer and employers love seeing students with leadership experience on their resume!

Applications for officer positions for the fall of 2019 have closed, sorry!

Spring Update

April Chapter Meeting – April 2nd

April Chapter meeting! Come by and learn about Solutions Architect, Randy Sabbagh’s experiences and job at Charles Schwab! The meeting will be at our usual location, LBJ 3-9.1 from 5pm to 6pm. There will be a mandatory meeting for all members attending the USITCC Galveston competition afterwards in McCoy 334.



USITCC Galveston – April 4th thru 6th

This year’s USITCC event is in Galveston! Sadly, registration has ended and hotels have been reserved, if you didn’t submit your forms on time, consider competing later this year in the Fall semester! All members attending the competition must go to the mandatory meeting after April’s chapter event on April 2nd (see above).


Bobcat Build Day – April 13th

Community service opportunity! Come help your community by joining AITP for Bobcat Build! Contact our President: Bryan Baez or our Vice President: Grant Dorsey for more information or to sign up. Contact information can be found here.

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March Chapter Meeting

Our March chapter meeting (03/05/19) will be a 2.5 hour long Google extravaganza! We have a ton of speakers from Google coming to talk about industry topics such as:

  • Google’s culture, products, and future
  • Applying at Google – Laura Alcala
  • Resume building tips – Danielle Pinta
  • What Google looks for in a new hire – Brian Novacek
  • How to prepare for a technical interview – Holt Skinner
  • Common Mistakes to avoid – Jarek Sedlacek

Finally, there will be a mock interview between our Vice President of IT, En Emerson and Google’s Brian Novacek, with a Q&A session afterwards and time for networking.

Due to our meeting time being much longer than usual, we have reserved 2 separate locations to showcase the whole event.

From 5 to 6pm we will be at our normal location at LBJ 3-9.1, after the first half of the meeting we will then take a short 15 minute break and transfer to McCoy 334 for the rest of the speakers from 6:15 to 7:30pm.